“We just wanted you to know how very grateful we are for our Hannah, and the life you’ve given back to her and us.  I have not doubt that you have heard this before.  Your dedication to animals is a gift to all who are lucky enough to see you.  You did her surgery, fitting her in to your already tight schedule.  She was a spaz to say the least, but you patiently took care with her, and me.  She is now doing so well, I see some of her puppy attitude emerging.

It is a given that your pet is a member of your family.  You could see Dr. Maguire had her best interest at heart.  I bless him for this every day.”

-Laura Konitzer


“Thanks for saving Chootchie’s life and for being so extraordinarily helpful to him ever since.  And, thanks for being so exceptionally thoughtful, kind and wonderful to me.”                                                                

-Richard Bush and Chootchie


 “Heartfelt gratitude for your care and concern in healing us both—one physically, the other emotionally.”

-“Dr. K.”


 “Thank you SO much for fixing Lola  we’ve been wondring what was wrong with her back.” 

-Love, Sophie, Lilly, Pam and Rob


“Dr. Maguire, Thank you for the magic.  The relief I see in Hannah’s face is priceless.  Your devotion to healing animals is such a gift, and your willingness to see to it that animals in pain get all they need is a tribute to your humanness.  I wish there was some magic I could share with you to give back all that you have given us.         -----Hannah and family


“Dear Dr. Maguire, Thank you for your intelligent and loving care of my exquisite dog Alaric”                     

-Cecilia Riddell


“Thank you for giving Lady a new lease on life.  The success of her surgery is testament to your gifts as a surgeon but the road to her surgery is proof of your kindness, patience and professionalism.  You clearly had Lady’s bestinterests at heart and I thank you for so thoroughly addressing my questions (which must have seemed endless) before her surgery.  I witnessed several profound life changes in Lady over the course of her lifetime.  The last big change for her was after her surgery.  She became a different dog.  She was so thankful for every day and rejoiced at things which before she took for granted.”

-Alice Egan


“Thank you so much fo the wonderful care you’ve given Sophie.  It was such a relief to find the specialist we needed on a Friday afternoon.  We appreciate all your time at night and on the weekend you gave to care for Sophie.  We are so happy to have Sophie happy and healthy once again!”

-Alicia, John, Sophie and Maggie Vojnik

“Words cannot express how deeply thankful we are.  California will lose a great Neurologist if you go back to Colorado.  But I know your heart is in the mountains.  We are just so fortunate you were here for Dozer’s time of need.”

-Robyn and Frank


“We just wanted to express our deepest thanks for all the amazing work you did for Tiffany.  As you can see from the photo she is doing very well and in some respects, more so since her illness.”                           

-Nicholas and Monica Sher


“Thank you Dr. Maguire, Cole is doing AMAZING!!  I can’t believe my eyes.  He walks and is able to get around his home better than I ever imagined he would.”

-Janet Brown


“A simple “thank you” can’t convey the degree of respect and gratitude I feel for you and all those who became involved with Luger.  I think it remarkable the way you stuck by Luger, going above and beyond to coordinate his overall care.  Please know the amount of attention you gave Luger did not go unnoticed.  It was very much appreciated.  As I reflect, I can now admit I felt it from the beginning.  That “itch” you referred to.  I just wasn’t ready for it.  All I wanted was to hear you say, “don’t worry, he’s going to pull through this.”  Each time I didn’t hear it, and the look in your eyes made me sad, I found it harder to look you in the face.  I apologize for those times I was rude, inattentive.  In the end, I am grateful that from the start, you never gave us false hope, nor voiced your own misgivings.  That gave us the space we needed to hope, and then to come to terms, at our own pace.  Your tactfulness is admirable, as is your compassion.  When we last spoke, your words crumbled the mountain of pressure I felt crushing me.  The guilt and uncertainty disappeared.  Literally, when I hung up the phone, a stillness came over me and I could see clearly.  I knew then I could live with the decision to set Luger free.  Your words of support and experience have had a huge influence—enabling me to just love and remember my buddy Luge without doubts of the decision to let him go.  I received a gift that Friday afternoon.  You were that gift.  Through you, I became aware of a strength inside myself.  You’ve made a mark on my heart.  I’ll remember you.  Always.”     



“A sincere thank you—and a great deal of appreciation for all that you have done on our behalf and for our dear Jazz.  Your kindness, warmth and professionalism is and was greatly appreciated”                       

-Pat and John Whittaker


“The neck surgery is a huge success.  Thanks for giving us our dog back.  Moka seems to be pain free!”

-Maureen Fitzgerald and family


“Thank you for taking such good care of Xucha when she hurt her back.  She is doing very well.  She is walking quite well now and her scar has almost healed.”

-Carolyn S. Dean


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for everything you did on behalf of my beloved, Chootchie.  He’s apparently totally recovered from his injury and from the surgery.  As best I can tell, he doesn’t think or worry about any of this for a moment.  He’s simply back enjoying his life—chasing squirrels, playing tug of war, burrowing under the blankets, sitting on peoples’ laps, and most importantly, refusing to do anything you want unless you give him a treat.  Its wonderful having him back and its wonderful he’s been able to return to fully enjoying his life again.  In addition to your skill as a surgeon, I also wanted to thank you for all the other things you did:  your obvious love and concern for Chootchie; your enormous sensitivity to my worries; your willingness to make yourself available to me, by phone, whenever I might need this; your patience in answering all my questions—even when I was asking them for the 2nd or 3rd time.”

-Richard Bush


“Thank you so much for everything you did for Jasmine.  Not only the work you did for her as a surgeon, but the hours you spent with her, watching her, caring for her.  No matter how old she is, she’ll always be my baby.”



“Thanks for taking such good care of Daisy and getting her well!  I so appreciate everything you did—and also for being so available to me to talk to me—it meant a lot.  All best wishes to you always!  You are a fabulous doctor.”

-Golda Boeck


“Thank you for everything that you have done for Max. You may very well have given Max years of life and me the freedom—at least temporarily—of having to make the horrible and agonizing decision on his behalf.  You are an excellent neurosurgeon, but you are also a good man.”

-Jeff Ward


“Dear Dr. Maguire, My sweetheart and I were in your office with our kitty on Wednesday.  Frank and I both want to thank you for taking the time and effort in caring for Twinkle, our little loved one.  You were so kind in speaking with me and taking the extra time to explain things to me.  I felt that I was the only patient you had and your focus was truly on our situation.  So many times people are just shuffled about and then its on to the next problem to solve or client to see.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed and our thanks go out to you and your team.”

-Madelene Lees and Frank Brunini


“We are eternally grateful to you for taking such good care of Jack during his stay with you.  Your true kindness and compassion made the whole experience that much more bearable for us.”            

-Camille and Bill Charman


“A note to thank you for your successful surgery on Astro McElroy’s neck.  He seems to be fully recovered and has been completely pain-free since we brought him home.  Thank you for your time, money, and hard work that you have personally spent becoming a neurosurgeon.”          

-Marsha McElroy


“Just a short note to thank your for your help with our cat Josie.  Your extraordinary patience, kindness and compassion were extremely appreciated, and I certainly see why Dr. Emanuelson speaks so highly of you.  Fred and I were both so very grateful to have someone so gentle there to help Josie’s passing.  She was a brave little cat and we loved her very much.”          

-Mara Tremay


“Thanks for your super-professionalism and the loving compassionate care and attention that you gave to King.  I feel both fortunate and grateful that King was “assigned” to you.”                                             

-Bill Moore


“A very belated “THANK YOU” for diagnosing our Standard Poodle, Jessie, with Addison’s.  My husband brought her in after being referred from our vet (who thought she had a pinched nerve in her neck?!)  Jessie is doing just great with her Percorten shots and meds.  THANK YOU!”

-Ingrid and Tom Driscoll


“Thank you so much for your help during the recent weeks.  You were so nice, understanding and patient with me.  It meant so much to me that you were so gentle with my old, fragile guy.”              

-Max and Sabine


“We just wanted to write and thank you for saving Daphne’s life.  It has been 13 months since you repaired her spinal problem/slipped disk that had her paralyzed.  She is now completely ambulatory, even running around chasing others, and completely enjoying her life, thanks to you.”

-Mary Clemens


“Dr. Maguire, Katie, Steve and everyone else!  Thank you for taking care of me and giving me lots and lots of love.  You all made me get better!



“I want to thank you for your attention and care for my dog Watson.  I was running out of options when you generously agreed to see him even though your schedule was full.  And then you stayed to perform his surgery that same afternoon—I know you saved his life, but you also did what you could to make sure he had the best chance possible for a full recovery.  I will remember your kindness every time I see him dig in his blankets, play with his favorite toy, or steal a cookie off of the coffee table.”                  

-Pamela Ryan


“Thank you so much for everything you did for my dog Eve!  You helped me and my family get through a really tough time.  Everyone at the hospital showed compassion and concern, and that made me feel good about having Eve at your facility.  Eve is doing great and is back to her old self again!”

-Jennifer Grant and family


“My son, Evan, and I wanted to thank you for your compassion and honest assessment of Brenna, our Bernese Mtn Dog, when she became terminally ill.  Your frankness about her condition, and your frequent phone calls to let us know how she was doing, were greatly appreciated.”

-Bonnie and Evan Connor


“Thanks for your compassionate care of our dog Blanche yesterday.  Although expecting the findings and outcome, the reality of letting go remains difficult.  I was too distraught at the time to properly thank you; I do want to compliment you on your clinical acumen, but moreso on your compassion and support in difficult decisions.”                                                                 

-Ken Mills, M.D.


“I’m rambling happy to be back in the tunneling groove.  Thank you for your special care.  Wags and Licks!”

-Sammy Sterling


“I’d like to thank you for your phone call and card, as well as the effort you’ve put into Honey’s care over the past five years.  I consider myself fortunate to have had the extra time to spend with her, and I believe she had a good quality of life for the bulk of her extra time.  My friends and neighbors called her the “miracle dog”, but I think you should get some credit for the “miracles”.  Thank you again for all you have done for both of us.”

-Ed Marquette


“We want to express out deepest thanks for all you did for our Lola.  The surgery you performed gave us four additional years with her—how lucky we feel to have had that.  We are grateful for your skill and compassion.  Our grief feels endless now, but your kind words of condolence make a difference to us.”

-Pam and Rob Majteles


“Thank you so much for saving our Sonny’s life.  We know he is not out of the woods yet, but had you not returned early from your vacation we would have had no hope.  You are our hero!”                 

-Sean and Kat Clare


“Thank you for your kindness, gentleness, and comprehending soul.”

-Ellen and Sammy


“Koushi is doing so well since his surgery!  It looks like a miracle, but we know it was your skill.  He slowly began to use his back legs about 2 days after the operation, and by 4 days he was walking, ‘talking’ with his tail and using the litter box on his own.  We are all so happy.  Thank you so much.”

-Sarah Young


“HI Dr. Maguire!  I think of you often, and hope life is good for you.  Could I introduce you to a girl?  Daisy is doing so good—thanks for everything you did for her (us).”                                                                     

-Golda Boeck


“My sincerest thanks for giving me the comfort and guidance that I needed so much as I listened to your findings.  I was very touched by your compassion, kindness and love for your Tucker and my sweet Dooley. You’ve always been there for me and it means a lot to me knowing that Dooley is receiving the best care!”

-Jackie MacMillan


“Thanks to you, our dear Lucca just finished a joyful run in our back yard.  He feels so good now, you would think he is a pup again!  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all you did for him—I simply can’ find the right words.”

-Vicki Talbot


“We can never thank you enough for bringing Gizmo back to us.  Without your exceptional skill, care and dedication, we wouldn’t have our playful and loving Giz, who brings us such joy.  Every day we thank you.”

-Cathy Leonard and David Harron


“We will be forever grateful to you!  If it hadn’t been for your aggressive pursuit of new blood work, there would have been a much different outcome for Yoshi!  How easily this could have been overlooked!  Thank you for giving all of us to enjoy Yoshi for more time to come!  PS- I so much appreciated your frequent, direct communication style!”                                 

-Lease, Marly and Yoshi


“When we brought Casey in to see you on Wednesday, we were not hopeful for the outcome.  Your diagnosis produced a miracle.  He has improved each day and we are all so thankful.”                              



“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making me better!  I can walk again and even run!  I FEEL GREAT!!’                   

-Naughty girl Bissig